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Confessions of a Bike to School Advocate

Growth doesn’t come from easy experiences, growth comes from difficult ones. My kids are definitely better off from years of getting to school under their own power. Even if biking and walking with kids is hard, and even if it’s sometimes stressful and wet, I still believe it’s the right thing to do most of the time. Continue reading

Bike to School Day

128 kid bikes, add some parent bikes, 8 dozen doughnuts, much-needed coffee for the parents who don’t like to get up earlier than necessary, police escorts riding with the kids and blocking intersections with patrol cars = successful Bike to … Continue reading

Talk about Walk & Bike to School programs Thurs!

Walk.Bike.Schools! is a blog,  meeting (7pm Thursday @ Bryant Elementary library) and (hopefully) a movement to support and encourage parents and kids walking and biking to school. Our mission (though calling it such seems a little grand right now) is … Continue reading

Bike to School Month 2011

Here at Car Free Days HQ, we’re busy with preparations for the fourth-annual Bike to School Month kickoff (this Friday on the school playground). Four years already?  Seems like just yesterday, we were planning our first event. Tim and I … Continue reading

The Bike Fairy says “Bike to School, Kids”

May is officially Bike month. For most riders, that means Bike to Work month. But as you’d expect from a blog that focuses on family cycling, we like to remind folks that it’s also Bike to School Month! Despite unseasonably … Continue reading

Bike to School Month, the Momentum

It’s so great to watch the number of cycling families grow during Bike to School Month. I have noticed a pattern since we started organizing Bike to School Month last year.  At the beginning of the month, the number of … Continue reading

Getting Ready for Bike to School Month

It’s hard to believe a whole year has passed since we planned our first ever Bike to School Month at our local elementary school . I feel so much older and wiser this year : )

Bike to School Month Wrap Up

Bike to School month was a huge success at our local elementary. We averaged about 60 riders every day–the bike racks were full and fence and gate locking was overflowing every day this month. It was certainly a beautiful sight. … Continue reading

Bike to School Month, Parents Who Ride Rule!

I would like to applaud all of the parents who are taking their kids to school by bike this month. You are all doing a fantastic job. Way to go!

Bike to School Month, Day One

  The first day of Bike to School Month went off without a hitch. This morning, my two kids enthusiastically pushed their bikes up all six hills. No complaints. I usually get at least oneten complaints out of the five-year-old. To which I … Continue reading