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Kidical Mass Canceled Today

rainRain cancels.

And there’s no doubt about it, rain is falling from the sky.

We plan to drink hot cider and eat all of the cupcakes our 9-year-old made for the ride.

Next time!

Details at Totcycle

– Anne


Kidical Mass, Halloween edition

Scary Thing and Kitty CatWe don’t have a great track record for Kidical Mass. We attempted a Kidical Mass ride in the Spring. But we never made it to the actual ride because we got completely utterly and totally rained out (literally).

We’re ready to put that experience behind us and do it all over again in one of the rainiest months in these parts.

Why, you ask?

Because riding with other families en masse is a life experience not to be missed.

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Reason #6789 For Riding Bikes

The other day, Josh Cohen ( aka Publicola Bike Nerd) did a post with a link to a Jay Jansheski piece Some Things I’ve Seen While Riding a Bicycle in Seattle.

A harmless fluff piece wouldn’t you think? No lectures, no stats and nary an environmental or health reason sited. He merely highlighted some positive reasons for riding a bike: because it’s just plain fun.

2010 OctoberAnd before I read the comments, I too was enveloped in a blissful bike loving fog. There are so many reasons I love to ride a bike.  And I daydreamed about all of them for at least 5 minutes.

This weekend we experienced reason #6789: because little detours sometimes change everything.

When you’re on bikes, you may go a bit out of your way to check out the mysterious blue glow. And when you get there, you discover it’s a giant grim reaper ( The Greenwood Reaper no less). Continue reading

“Borrowing” Mom’s New Bike

2010 OctoberI wasn’t prepared. In fact I was completely caught off guard.

Aren’t they supposed to borrow your shoes before they borrow your bike? Continue reading

Wednesday is Intl Walk to School Day (but you can walk/ride all month)

Walk to School, KidsWe’re kicking off Walk to School Month on Wednesday at our kids elementary school with some hot beverages and tasty snacks on the playground.

If you’re so inclined, and with a few modifications to the 7 day plan,  you too can pull off a last-minute event. All you need is some enthusiasm, a few signs, some warm bodies and maybe some food and drink. Continue reading