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Trader Joe’s

via YouTube from carlsfinefilms

Tim and I often profess our love for Trader Joe’s on this blog. We mostly enjoy talking about how much we spend there and how much of that overspending we can fit on our bikes. I’d say I’m not quite a number 2, but almost. I really do love my family a lot so I can’t say I love Trader Joe’s more.

I did chuckle a few times while watching the video. Most of the reasons in the catchy jingle do it for me.

But the one I don’t have to worry about is, “It’s the cars that don’t fit in the parking lot”

The U District Trader Joe’s has plenty of bike parking right out front. There’s always an open rack spot when I roll up. And I get to listen to the guy playing violin while I lock up my bike. All in all a pleasant shopping experience.

– Anne

btw – for those of you who are getting sick of me and miss Tim’s perspective, he promises he’ll post soon.  ; – )



Xtracycle readers: on the go and home

Some kids watch movies on those ever-so-handy-back-of-the-seat-dvd players, our kids read books on the back of the Xtracycle. Why not? Someone else is “driving”. The Snapdeck is a great place to sit back and enjoy a good book.

Even though the kids have been reading back there for some time and I’ve grown accustomed to the sight,  it still makes me smile. I also chuckle when on-lookers stop and ask, “do you know they’re not holding on back there?”

Yes, I know. Thanks for your concern.

It’s beautiful in Seattle today. We’re going to ride up to the library and checkout some new books.

Have a great weekend!

 – Anne

What’s in your Bike Bag?

What's in your Freeloader?

What's in your Freeloader?

While searching for a Band-Aid in my FreeLoader the other day, I came across a few of the strangest things. This prompted me to take everything out and do some early spring cleaning. (Thankfully cleaning out a FreeLoader is not at all similar to cleaning out a car – I didn’t find spilled milk or moldy cheese or anything gross in there).

Find anything interesting in your bike bag lately? Please share!

– Anne

Park Your Car and Walk a Block to School

Walk a BlockEver since my kids started school, I’ve become fixated on a strange American practice: the school drive-through drop off.   Many parents it seems have  made the choice to drive by the school, open the door and drop their kids off at the school entrance without leaving the comfort of their car. I know every one does not live walking distance from school and some parents must drive their kids to school. But is it necessary to do a drive-through drop off? Can’t they park their cars and walk their kids to the school yard?

Sure it may be easier, more convenient and less hassle to do a drive-through. But what about the impact to the whole community around the school? What about the unnecessary pollution and increased traffic they are creating and the sedentary habits they’re teaching kids? Continue reading