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Video of Toronto’s Scramble intersection

Scramble from Sam Javanrouh on Vimeo.

I saw this on Streetsblog this morning—it’s a great time-lapse video of Toronto’s first Scramble intersection. Yes, truly mesmerizing.

I’ve always admired these intersections in the financial district of San Francisco. The concept is so basic. All pedestrians traveling all directions cross at the same time. These intersections ease frustration for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists alike. I bet the number of injuries caused by angry motorists sneaking right turns through pedestrian laden crosswalks are greatly reduced.

Why aren’t these types of intersections standard in all busy downtown cores?

– Anne


48 Hours in Portland

Taking the Appliances on VacationIt turns out you can take your appliances on vacation. (btw Stephan – even if Anne has to eat her words, the trip was well worth it).

We have been trying to get to Portland for a childless getaway for awhile. The stars aligned this past weekend and we were able to get the grandparents to watch the kids so we headed down to the Rose city to celebrate our anniversary.

We ended up driving our VW van after much discussion of trains (no go since we read you have to box odd shaped bikes) and Zipcars (we didn’t think our bikes would fit in any of their cars). To complicate matters, we had to pick up our kids at the grandparents house in the suburbs at the end of the weekend and driving simplified all of that.

Did you like all of those excuses for taking the stinky car?

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Kids Will Keep Us Honest

Trip to the BookstoreThis past Saturday my biking motivation was in the toilet. I had a terrible cold that left me feeling a tad lethargic, plus Tim was out of town and I was flying solo with the kids. I tapped all of my energy pedaling both kids to a soccer game in the morning. So, when it was time to go out again in the afternoon, I heard the car calling my name and begging me to take it for a short drive. I convinced myself that I could justify a trip in the car to pick up a birthday gift at our local bookstore and then drop the seven-year-old at the party. At least I was combining trips.

I had all of the excuses covered.

As we were walking out the door, I said, “Let’s go get in the car, kids” To my surprise, the seven–year–old protested said trip: “we’re not driving, I hate cars, let’s take the Xtracycle”. Continue reading

What’s Your Favorite Seat Cover?

Seat Cover

It’s seat cover weather. This time of year, we always keep one stashed in the FreeLoaders just in case because in all likelihood, it’s going to rain and you’re going to need to cover your seat.  Tim turned me on to the mail order bag variety. They are super bomber, fold down pretty small and last through multiple seasons–you can use them over and over and over.

What’s your favorite seat cover?

Does anyone have a good Snapdeck cover to keep the deck dry so little buns can at least start the ride dry? I usually keep a camp towel in the FreeLoader and give it a quick wipe before the kids hop on but if anyone has a good cover solution, I’d love to hear about it.

– Anne

Walk and Wheel Month

Walk and Wheel Poster Large

Walk and Wheel Month is off to a great start. 108 kids from our local school have officially signed up. That’s a lot of walking and biking. Even if every kid doesn’t walk or bike every day, at least we’re getting some cars off the road on a regular basis.

Last week we walked to school with some neighbors who normally drive the five-uphill-blocks. The mom admitted that shame kept her from driving that day—she didn’t want us to see her driving to school.

I say, whatever motivates you to get out of your car, roll with it!

– Anne