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Labor Day Cargo Bike Ride

The Labor Day Cargo Bike ride will take place Monday, September 1st, 2008 at noon (we put it on our calendar for 11:30 so we won’t be late!). Meet at 20/20 Cycle, 2020 East Union on Capitol Hill. The destination is Ravenna Park via Broadway and University Ave.

We can’t miss this one since it’s in our neck of the woods.

We hope to see you all there.

– Anne and Tim


Carfreedays Dot Com – We (finally) own our URL

Summer Ride

Just a quick post to note that we’ve finally coughed up for Our one-year annivesary seemed like as good a time as any for an address change. Besides, we didn’t want his mayoral Largeness to grab it out from under us for his familiarly named Ciclovia program.

WordPress seems to be handling redirects quite well, but you may want to update your bookmarks, if you are the kind of person who worries about such things. Same goes for RSS—from what we’ve seen it’s working fine in places like Google Reader and Sage, but if you are having problems you might just want to add it again.

We’ve probably got some other changes up our sleeves—I’ve been meaning to update the template for about 10 months now—but we’re going to squeak out a bit more of this care-free/car-free summer before resuming our normal level of web-dorkness.

Enjoy the ride!


Has it been a year already? (our year of Car Free Days)

Life and summer and perfect weather and kids going to bed late and too much work for Tim have gotten in the way of bike blogging these past few weeks. We figure it’s summer and the kids are out of school and we’re free and easy to go where we want, when we want and we’d much rather be outside riding than sitting in front of the computer prattling on about riding. A long winded explanation excuse for why we’ve been lame bloggers these past few weeks.

We have a lot of experiences stacked up to share with you–they will most likely trickle in this fall when the weather turns and we’re hunkered down inside. There you go, all the excuses we could muster for now. Continue reading

Sailboats, Sea Planes and Cool Breezes: You get it all at the South Lake Union Park

Xtracycles at South Lake Union Park
Tim and I highly recommend a visit to the new South Lake Union Park. Situated on the south tip of Lake Union, next to the Center for Wooden Boats, it’s a surprisingly serene locale to have a picnic and enjoy the hubub that Lake Union has to offer. While we lament the short-sighted Seattle voters each time we go there, it’s still a great spot even if it’s NOT as good as it could have been. Continue reading