We finally ditched our Costco membership…ahhhhhh


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I have been advocating the ditching for a couple of years now. There’s something about that place. We go in there and something takes hold of us. We want to buy everything. Mostly things we don’t need. We don’t actually buy a bunch of stuff we don’t need, but we always feel the pull towards those non-needed items. I’m sure that’s part of their strategy – they probably have a team of psychologists working for them. Yeah some things are a good deal. But every time I go there I feel cheap. In fact I feel pretty dirty. And manipulated. And ashamed. It represents every thing we are not.

The only reason we kept our membership last fall when the renewal came up is Tim is addicted to Grape Nuts. And Grape Nuts are really cheap at Costco. One time my daughter and I bought five of the HUGE boxes of Grape Nuts and put them under Tim’s pillow. (yeah – he loves them) Anyway, it was more difficult for Tim to let go than me. We agree that Costco doesn’t fit our lifestyle. But it was still a little hard to completely give it up. But as of Halloween we did it. We let our membership expire and this year we are finally Costco free (Full Disclosure: we still know people who we might con into picking up a few boxes of Grape Nuts for Tim on occasion ).

So as of now we are doing all of our shopping for stuff we need on a regular basis by bike or on foot and near our house. And it feels pretty good. We still shop for other stuff (say bike parts) on the internet and know the carbon emissions of shipping etc. leaves something to be desired – but we never said we were perfect.



12 responses to “We finally ditched our Costco membership…ahhhhhh

  1. I truly do love grape nuts. But then, who doesnt?

  2. My wife’s business partner is a member and picks up the industrial-sized packs of TP and snot rags for us.
    I understand that Costco actually has a decent attitude towards it’s workers, but I’d rather support the little guy as much as is reasonable even though it costs more.

  3. I applaud them for being good to their employees. I know they are a good company in that respect. However, the consumption the place promotes is out of control. I too would rather support local businesses even if I have to pay a little bit more.

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  5. Carl Costcoan

    I hear where you are coming from….I tend overpurchase food I can’t possibly eat. On the other hand I don’t have kids…which is the most enviromentally unfriendly thing you can do to this planet. Nobody wants to say it but there it is….

  6. But if no one had kids, the human species would die out, and although a small minority would like that, most of us don’t.

  7. People should consider having fewer children,as the world’s population is exploding…It is adding to the polution of this planet.

  8. Costco uses deceptive membership renewals. If your membership expires and you renew late, they do NOT prorate the membership (RIP OFF!).

  9. i love this for several reasons:
    1. big box stores are harmful to local economies
    2. hyper-consumer marketing pushes buyers towards more more MORE!
    3. i grape nuts possibly even more than tim.

    nice move!

  10. Not possible on #3 Sarah, but I appreciate the sentiment. Would it be so hard for someone to come out with organic, sustainable grape nuts that I don’t have to feel dirty about? I tried some Kashi or Trader Joes version a while ago — judging from the taste (ick) that’s my answer (yes, Tim. it is so hard to come out with knock-off grapenuts).

  11. Why ditch Costco? Going into Costco and seeing all that stuff that you want to buy is an exercise in self control and will power.

    You should be able to walk in and not feel one twinge of desire to purchase anything. I call it, the ZEN of the consumer economy, when you have all this crap around you yet you have no desire to purchase it.

    I keep my Costco membership for their Liqueur Selection; Bargain priced Grey Goose, Mt Gay Rum, cant live without that!!

    • Well Matt, there you go. WA has wacky liquor laws and they only sell liquor at state run stores. So we don’t have that reason to go to Costco. Tim even found a Grape Nuts connection so we’re all set.

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